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Owl Always Love You Handprint Craft for Valentine’s Day

In my Valentine’s Day inspiration board, I shared a sweet hand print craft.  It’s made even easier by starting with a free printable!  The best part was that I didn’t have to buy any craft supplies for this project!  Read on to make your own adorable Owl Always Love You handprint craft.

Owl Always Love You Printable and Making Handprints

Since starting with a blank piece of paper can sometimes be a little overwhelming to me, I loved the idea of starting this craft with a free printable.  Go to GluedToMyCraftsBlog.com and print her cute template on cardstock paper.  If you’re feeling artistic, start with a blank paper or canvas and paint your own branch and leaves!

Using brown craft paint I already had on hand, I brushed it on to each child’s hand using a foam brush.  Then I helped them press their hand on to the paper to make the print.

Owl Always Love You Handprint Craft - Such a sweet craft or gift from children | Laguna Lane

Owl Always Love You Handprint Embellishments

I scrounged around in my craft supplies, and I came up with a few things for turning the hand prints into owls.  I bet you have supplies on hand for this project too!

  • Beige cardstock for the eyes (white would also work great!)
  • Orange construction paper for the beaks (white paper colored with orange marker would also work!)
  • Black Sharpie for coloring the pupils
  • Red cardstock for the hearts

Owl Always Love You Handprint Craft - Use supplies you already have! | Laguna Lane

I went old-school and used a compass to draw the circles for the eyes – ha!  Tracing something circular is also an option.  I colored pupils in the middle with my black marker.

I then cut free-hand triangles out of the orange paper and glued everything on to the paper.

Owl Always Love You Handprint Craft - Cute for Valentine's Day or any other occasion! | Laguna Lane

To keep things simple, draw hearts on the paper with a red marker.  If your child is old enough, they could even draw the hearts themselves.  Or fold a strip of red cardstock in half to easily cut symmetrical hearts.

Because I have a Silhouette cutting machine I’m learning and excited to practice with, I had the machine cut hearts and a “love” heart for me.  I got it right on my second try, but it definitely took longer to go this route!

Owl Always Love You Handprint Craft - Cute for Valentine's Day or any other occassion! | Laguna Lane

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What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day or handprint craft?

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