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DIY Valentine’s Day – Easy Ideas to Make It Special!

There’s one week until Valentine’s Day!  I’m a big believer in putting a little extra effort into things regularly to make every day life more special.  A little extra effort, not a lot!  So add a special touch or two to this Valentine’s Day with my easy, low cost DIY Valentine’s Day ideas below.

Slap Bracelet Valentine Cards

Grab the free printables from my post, order a pack of slap bracelets from Amazon,  and you have fun and unique Valentine’s Day cards ready for kids of any ages.

DIY Valentine's Day - Slappy Valentine's Day - Free Printable Kid Slap Bracelet Valentine's Day Cards | Laguna Lane

DIY Valentine’s Day Treats, Games, and Decor

My inspiration board has free printable decor, sweet Valentine treats, a game, and two hand print crafts.  There’s a DIY Valentine’s Day idea here for everyone!  The tube of cinnamon rolls are in my fridge ready for #6, and I just bought Valentine M&Ms at the grocery store to make #2 this week!

DIY Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day Inspiration Board - Crafts, Snacks, Games, and Free Printables | Laguna Lane

“Owl Always Love You” Handprint Craft

Start with a free printable and add your child or children’s handprints!  Glue on a few embellishments to make them owls, draw a few hearts, and voila!  A special keepsake you or someone special will treasure for years to come.

DIY Valentine's Day - Owl Always Love You Handprint Craft - Cute for Valentine's Day or any other occassion! | Laguna Lane

Free Printable Non-Candy Valentines

Last year, I used free printables to make a couple of cute Valentine’s Day cards with pencils.  Dollar Tree is a great place to get packs of holiday pencils, or Amazon has a good option too.  Check out the bottom of my post for several other cute non-candy Valentine’s Day card ideas too!

DIY Valentine's Day - Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards without Candy - Non-Candy Card Ideas | Laguna Lane

How do you make Valentine’s Day special?

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