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Nursing Home Service Project – Making & Delivering Cards

We’re in the home stretch working through our summer bucket list, and we just completed an item on the list – the nursing home service project!  I know how much the residents of assisted living and nursing homes love to see kids, so I thought it would be neat for my kids to make and hand out cards to them.

Making Cards for the Nursing Home

I wanted to keep the cards postcard-size and pretty simple for my 4 and 2 year old children to color.  I thought the free printable cards on were cute and kid-like.  They’re made to print one per page and be folded into a card.  But using my trusty old Paint program (included in Windows), I copied/pasted the cute designs to print four-to-a-page.  You can see one of the pages that my children colored below before I cut them apart.

Colored Cards for Nursing Home Visit - Service Project | Laguna Lane

I also thought these flower coloring cards from would be pretty regardless of how my children colored on them.  Again, this is designed to print one to a page, so I used the basic Paint program on my computer to copy and paste the design to print four-to-a-page.

I joined in on the coloring myself, as you can see!

Colored Cards for Nursing Home | Laguna Lane

And here’s a page that my son colored.  He’s likes to color outside the lines, if you can’t tell!

Colored Cards for Nursing Home Visit | Laguna Lane

I wrote simple messages on the backs of the cards to brighten their day.

Card Messages for Nursing Home Service Project | Laguna Lane

Delivering Cards to the Nursing Home

We ended up making over 30 cards for this nursing home service project, some of which are shown below.  It seemed like a lot, but since both of my kids sometimes wanted to hand a card to the same resident, we only had about 5 extra cards at the end.  So it worked out perfectly!

Colored Cards for Nursing Home Service Project | Laguna Lane

We visited our local assisted living home mid-afternoon, which worked great.  We saw a good number of residents in the hallways, where it was easy to chat and give them a card.  If someone’s room door was open and we could see them sitting in a chair inside, we’d knock and ask if we could come in to deliver a card.  We also went to the common room just before bingo began, which was a great spot to catch a lot of residents.

Cards for Nursing Home Service | Laguna Lane

I didn’t want to snap any photos of the residents, so I’m afraid I don’t have much to show in the way of delivery.  But here are my kids holding some cards at the front of the assisted living home.

Delivering Cards to Nursing Home - Service | Laguna Lane

My kids are shy, but even though they didn’t say much, they still put smiles on the residents’ faces.  It was neat to see!  I highly recommend taking an afternoon to do this nursing home service project yourself!  Decorate and deliver cards and spread some cheer to your local assisted living or nursing home!

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Nursing Home Cards - Service Project | Laguna Lane