A Simplified Christmas

Don't shoot me for saying the word "Christmas" in October, but blogging has taught me to look at each upcoming holiday far in advance.  Y'all don't want my Halloween craft on October 30th, after all! Anyway, can I share a couple of Christmas gift thoughts that I've found to be very helpful before everyone starts their Christmas shopping? 3 Wise … Continue reading A Simplified Christmas


Milestone Movies

We recently celebrated my sister's 40th birthday, and I wanted to give her a "hand-crafted" gift that would be meaningful.  After searching high and low on Pinterest for gift ideas and not being inspired, I decided instead to create a "movie" for her. I knew I'd want to combine photographs and video clips, and after searching through the … Continue reading Milestone Movies

Alabama Handprint Canvas

Like I mentioned in last week's post, I'm gearing up for football season!  That means getting ready to cheer on the Longhorns and Alabama.  Check out the cute "Hook 'em" footprint canvas in last week's post. This week, inspired by Pinterest handprint elephants, I created an Alabama handprint canvas. Ready?  Here are the supplies you'll need: … Continue reading Alabama Handprint Canvas

Longhorn Footprint Canvas

It's August in Houston, which means I am ready for fall!  Bring on the cooler temperatures and college football!  The first kick-off may still be a month away, but that won't stop my wishful thinking... In our house, we have a University of Texas alum (Hook 'Em!) and a University of Alabama alum (Roll Tide!), … Continue reading Longhorn Footprint Canvas

Police Appreciation Bags + Free Printable

In light of the recent events in this country, I know many people are looking for ways to show appreciation to our police officers, constables, and sheriffs.  With some inspiration from another blog post, a friend and I teamed up to make goody bags for our local officers. We chose items with patrolling officers in mind, since they are in … Continue reading Police Appreciation Bags + Free Printable

Father’s Day Pint Glasses

Sometimes the gifts that are hardest to come up with turn out to be the most obvious in hindsight.  And that was so true for this project!  I wanted to create a useful Father's Day gift for my husband that the kids would help create.  Since my husband likes to keep pint glasses in the freezer … Continue reading Father’s Day Pint Glasses

Summer Tote Bag Teacher Gift & Free Printable

What teacher wouldn't love a cute tote bag filled with summer goodies to send them into summer?  I posted last week about making a framed fingerprint craft for the teachers, and I'm bundling that into a fun summer tote bag.  My son's preschool class decided to contribute to a group gift from all the children, so … Continue reading Summer Tote Bag Teacher Gift & Free Printable

Mother’s Day Hand Print Coasters

I love making crafty Mother's Day gifts for my mom and mother-in-law.  Doesn't every mother love a sweet little something made by her child or grandchild?  I do!  And to me, hand prints capture these fleeting days of little grandchildren who grow so quickly.  Inspired by this post, I decided to make tile coasters. On … Continue reading Mother’s Day Hand Print Coasters