An Organized Attic

We have a small walk-in attic on the second story of our house, and it’s been a slow evolution making it work for us.  I’m not a big fan of attics (creepy, hot, and there could be bugs…or more), so I often just open the door and toss something in.  Let me tell you…my husband loves that (sarcasm, y’all)!  I’m also apparently a bit of a box hoarder, which is ironic since my in-laws own a box company – ha!  But I’m quite good at accumulating stacks of empty boxes, since I must have some fear of not having the right-size box.

Anyway, after having a beam in the attic repaired and the roof replaced recently, it was really a mess in there.  So Labor Day was attic organization day at our house.

This is pretty embarrassing, but maybe my fellow box hoarders can commiserate.  Look at this huge pile of boxes I broke down and set out for recycling.  That alone made a huge difference!


My husband floored more of the attic a few years ago to give us more space, and last year, he added this nice shelf.


I made nice big labels for all of my holiday decoration boxes on index cards and taped them to the ends of the boxes.  After we cleaned out all the junk, I was able to neatly stack all of the decoration boxes on the shelf [Christmas gets its own section of the attic].  Aah…so nice and neat!


The prior homeowners left hooks screwed into the walls at the entrance of the attic.  I’m not sure what they used them for, but they’re perfect for storing wreaths!


Here’s a look at another side of the walk-in attic.  Most of those boxes are the Christmas decorations – eek!  But look at all the nice empty floor space for walking – success!


It’s nothing too exciting, but it sure does make getting seasonal decorations easier and more pleasant.  And I’m going to try and keep my box hoarding under control!


2 thoughts on “An Organized Attic

  1. Karen R says:

    Great job girl! I didn’t put all of my Christmas away last year because I was going to reorganize . Now I’m waiting for cooler weather!

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