Butterfly Party on a Budget

My daughter turned two recently, and we threw a small butterfly-themed party at our house.  It turned out great, and the kids had a blast!  I usually make a few DIY decorations, but I just couldn’t beat some of the decorations I found ready-to-go this time!

I found this cute butterfly invitation on another blog (www.inspirationmadesimple).  It’s a free download!  I personalized it for our party, and I also added my daughter’s photo to the back by converting the invitation to a JPG and back to a PDF after.  Then I had them printed on cardstock at Office Depot and cut them out!  Cute and cheap!


We set up as many fun things as possible in the backyard like this bounce house I bought used from a trading site…


…a basket of dress-up goodies, including butterfly wings from Dollar Tree and some tutus…


…a couple of sand tables with all kinds of buckets and scoops…


…bean bag toss, balls, and a Step 2 roller coaster borrowed from a sweet neighbor.  We also hung some paper lanterns from the trees, which I apparently did a poor job of photographing.  Lanterns are from Oriental Trading.


In the garage, I set up a butterfly painting table.


I bought these wooden butterflies from Hobby Lobby along with a cheap pack of small paintbrushes and added some paints and aprons I already had.


The kids made some real masterpieces!


I also set up the drink table outside.


In the kitchen, I cut this hanging doorway curtain from Oriental Trading into smaller sections and hung them from the light.  It turned out really cute, and the bright colors were perfect!


I lucked into some butterfly party decorations, banners, plates, and napkins from Dollar Tree too.  Love that store!


For the cake, I took a print-out of this photo to Randall’s and told them to add some more color, and they did a great job.




Final product

Take home goodies were the painted butterflies and some plastic butterfly slinkies from Oriental Trading that I wouldn’t recommend.

My little girl loved it, and that’s what I loved the most!

Butterfly Party Collage.jpg


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