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Photo Booth Wall & FREE Printables!

Who doesn’t love a fun photo booth?!  Is there a better way to document an occasion than by putting on ridiculous props and looking silly? It’s great “grown up” entertainment, if nothing else!

A dear friend of mine just celebrated her 40th birthday, and I made the photo booth signs and backdrop wall for her party.  Read on for free printable signs and a cute backdrop idea!

Photo Booth Signs – Free Printables!

First, I want to share the signs I created because I’m in love with them!  Download the free printable PDF of these signs!


The floral border gives a feminine touch, and the colors match the backdrop wall.   Many thanks to for creating and sharing this beautiful border!

Since my friend had fajitas and margaritas at her party, I decided to embrace that and make a cheeky sign for the photo prop table (say “queso!”).  I also included a regular “say ‘cheese!'” version in the printable for those without delicious Mexican food at their party.  The prop signs are sized to be printed and put in an 8″ x 10″ photo frame.

Photo Booth Prop Sign | LagunaLane

Photo Booth Prop Sign | LagunaLane

Photo Booth Prop Sign | LagunaLane

Free Printable Photo Booth Prop Sign | LagunaLane

Also included in the printable is a “Photo Booth” sign, which I hung on the wall above the photo booth.

Free Printable Photo Booth Sign | LagunaLane


Photo Booth Backdrop Wall

I decorated the backdrop wall with these cute tissue pom garlands from Dollar Tree.  There are 6 small tissue poms tied to a coordinating color ribbon, all for $1!  Hard to beat considering how much work this saves.

Dollar Tree Tissue Pom Photo Booth Backdrop | LagunaLane

I love how these colors coordinated with the Mexican dinner at the party!

Dollar Tree Tissue Pom Photo Booth Backdrop | LagunaLane

If you don’t live near a Dollar Tree, you can order them online (minimum online order is 4 packs per color).  Other options on Amazon are these Martha Stewart garlands, a large pack of equally-sized tissue poms that you could string together yourself, or perhaps even these circle dot garlands.

And here is the finished product!  Cute, right?!  I used a strip of blue streamer to cover up the tape at each side of the backdrop.

Dollar Tree Tissue Pom Photo Booth Backdrop | LagunaLane

So here is where you get to learn from my mistakes…

Mistake #1 – I decided to get to the party an hour early with all of my supplies and “fluff” all the tissue poms there to avoid crumples and tangles.  Whew – I forgot how long it takes to fluff each pom!  Since I was running out of time even with friends helping me with the fluffing, I hung the garlands horizontally to get the most bang for my effort.  So lesson #1: fluff those poms at least the day before and then just transport them carefully!

Dollar Tree Tissue Pom Photo Booth Backdrop | LagunaLane

Mistake #2 – Garlands hung horizontally are only as good as the tape holding them.  The painters tape I used to protect the walls just didn’t hold up as well over the course of the evening as I had hoped, and one side of a garland would randomly fall down.  So lesson #2 – use super-strong tape or, better yet, just hang them vertically!

Dollar Tree Tissue Pom Photo Booth Backdrop | LagunaLane

Even with my mistakes, the wall turned out really cute, and the photo booth was a hit!  We captured some great memories in front of it!

Photo Booth Signs & Backdrop | LagunaLane