Christmas Card “Books”

Maybe you’re starting to take down your Christmas decorations during this “in between” week.  If not, no judgement here!  I’m not normally a procrastinator, but I put off taking my decorations down so I can enjoy my Christmas tree until New Years Day.  But whenever you take down your decorations, don’t throw away your Christmas cards!

A couple of years ago, struggling to recycle such beautiful photo Christmas cards, I decided to find a way to save them and enjoy them in coming years.  A pack of 1″ book rings from Office Depot later, and I was on my way!


Using either a 2-hole punch or a single hole punch, punch two holes at the top of each Christmas card.  If using a single hole punch, use one of the cards as a template to be sure all of the holes are spaced the same.  Then simply stick a book ring through each set of holes.


Be sure to write the year on the back of at least a few of the cards, so you’ll always know in which year they were sent.  I also saw an idea on Pinterest to make a cover card that says “2016 Photo Cards” in large print.  I  just used our own Christmas card as the cover, since that should give me a pretty good indication of the year anyway!


I store these Christmas card “books” with all of our other Christmas books.  It’s so fun to flip through even just two years out… I can only imagine 10 years or more down the road!

Do you keep all of your Christmas cards?  I’d love to hear your ideas too!

Christmas Card Books Collage.jpg