The Bible from Cover to Cover – Part 2

Last week, I wrote about how I struggled for years to carve a quiet time for devotional / Bible reading and prayer.  I think I've finally figured out a formula that works for me, and I've been going strong with daily quiet time for two months now.  Last week's post went over how to choose … Continue reading The Bible from Cover to Cover – Part 2


The Bible from Cover to Cover – Part 1

During an Advent study a few months ago, I was so convicted.  I've been using the busy-ness of my days, my small children, and my interrupted nights as excuses to not carve out a daily quiet time.  Over the past few years, I'd make attempts to have a quiet time during the kids' nap time, … Continue reading The Bible from Cover to Cover – Part 1

Practical Marriage Tips

I've been married for 6 years and counting, and I feel like even when we've been married for 66 years, there will still be many things we could do better to strengthen our marriage.  Marriage is such a journey, and I just try to soak up (and implement!) the wisdom of those who have been on … Continue reading Practical Marriage Tips

Less is More…Again!

Last month, I de-cluttered the built-in shelves in my living room.  I love the more simple look and am so happy I put in the effort!  Read more about it here. This month, I tackled the built-in shelves in our upstairs game room.  I think built-ins can be a blessing and a curse.  The cabinets … Continue reading Less is More…Again!

DIY Large Bulletin Board

A couple of years ago, I created a large bulletin board to hang in the hallway off my kitchen.  It replaced a small bulletin board that just wasn't cutting it.  I LOVE this board because of the quantity of children's artwork it can display along with birthday invitations, thank you notes, etc.  It was pretty easy … Continue reading DIY Large Bulletin Board

Children’s Artwork

Every parent loves the drawings, paintings, and crafts that their child makes, but it can quickly become overwhelming.  Between preschool and other activities, I probably accumulate 5-10 pieces of art per child per week.  That adds up quickly after a few months, not to mention years!  If you're feeling overwhelmed like me, here are some ideas for … Continue reading Children’s Artwork

Less is More

I was recently inspired after seeing a friend's beautifully - and simply - arranged living room built-ins to take a hard look at my own built-ins.  I haven't rearranged them too much since moving into our house five years ago.  Maybe that should have been a sign in and of itself that they needed a refresh! … Continue reading Less is More

Christmas Card “Books”

Maybe you're starting to take down your Christmas decorations during this "in between" week.  If not, no judgement here!  I'm not normally a procrastinator, but I put off taking my decorations down so I can enjoy my Christmas tree until New Years Day.  But whenever you take down your decorations, don't throw away your Christmas cards! … Continue reading Christmas Card “Books”

Christmas Handprint & Footprint Craft

By now, y'all should know that I love a good kids' handprint/footprint craft!  I just love capturing their smallness in a cute way that I can display (and nostalgically look back on as they grow in the coming years). My sweet friend who knows about this love affair inspired me with this photo.  I'm not … Continue reading Christmas Handprint & Footprint Craft

Organized Gift Wrapping

If you're anything like me, gift wrapping supplies can quickly get out of control.  I use part of the walk-in closet in my game room to store all of my gift wrap goodies.  And it was getting to where I couldn't tell what I had because everything was buried...and a pain to get out! So I just … Continue reading Organized Gift Wrapping