A Simplified Christmas

Don't shoot me for saying the word "Christmas" in October, but blogging has taught me to look at each upcoming holiday far in advance.  Y'all don't want my Halloween craft on October 30th, after all! Anyway, can I share a couple of Christmas gift thoughts that I've found to be very helpful before everyone starts their Christmas shopping? 3 Wise [...]

Easy Halloween Activity

I'm all about keeping it simple when it comes to kid activities.  Most toddlers/preschoolers (well, at least mine) have the attention span of about 30 seconds, so I try not to over-complicate activities we do together. This activity was super-simple, and the kids worked on it for half an hour (!!!).  If you convert that [...]

First Day of School Printables

I love the trend of first day of school signs!  Growing up, we always took a first day of school photo at the front door with our hand on the handle, like we were ready to walk out the door.  I love having a tradition for my kids too. There are so many cute free [...]

Bye Bye Binky

I'm not sure who dreads getting rid of a pacifier more - the kids or the parents.  Both of my kids loved their "binkies," and I loved the peace & quiet they bought me.  It was nice how quickly it often helped them fall asleep too! With my daughter starting preschool next month and about to turn 2 [...]

DIY Themed Accent Pillows

I like the idea of doing a theme in kids' rooms without it being overbearing or matchy-matchy.  When I decorated my son's "big kid" room a couple of years ago, I went with a car/truck theme in blues and greens.  In order to tie the bedding into that theme, I "made" a couple of accent pillows.  "Made" [...]

Police Appreciation Bags | LagunaLane.com

Police Appreciation Bags + Free Printable

In light of the recent events in this country, I know many people are looking for ways to show appreciation to our police officers, constables, and sheriffs.  With some inspiration from another blog post, a friend and I teamed up to make goody bags for our local officers. We chose items with patrolling officers in mind, since they are in [...]

Toy Rotation Bins

Find out how to set up toy rotation bins to cycle toys and - most importantly - stick with it! Get the toys organized and many of them stored away, and enjoy having fewer toys to clean up and less overwhelmed children.