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Outdoor Kids Gift Guide – Fun Toys for Outside Play

What is a favorite phrase of all parents everywhere?  “Burning energy,” of course!    The ideas in this outdoor kids gift guide will get children moving outside and burning energy.  And who knows?  You might have fun playing with a few of these too!

Outdoor Kids Gift Guide - Toys and Activities for Outside! | Laguna Lane

Outdoor Kids Gift Guide

  1. Slack Line Kit – Slack lines are fun for all ages and can be customized for any skill level.  Kids balance on a walking line that has some “slack” to it.  Ratchets with covers make for easy set up.  And a training line for holding on to helps beginners master the skill.  Adjust the height and distance to make it more challenging.
  2. Stomp Rockets – Set a foam rocket on the launcher, jump or stomp on the foot pad, and watch the rocket go up to 100 feet in the air.  This toy is totally kid-powered, and kids will burn energy chasing after the rockets.  Available in glow-in-the-dark as well as a dueling version for two kids to play at once.
  3. OgoDisk Set – These multi-purpose disks can be used for a variety of games.  Use the disks to catch and toss a ball back and forth.  A soft ball is included in the set, but you can use any ball.  Launch water balloons with the disk.  Use the disk as a frisbee.  Play with them in the pool (they float!).  The “Mezo” size has larger disks and is great for younger children.  Choose the size that’s right for your family.
  4. Balance Bike – This small version of a bike without pedals is the perfect choice before kids are ready for a regular bike.  For kids 2-4 years old, the bike’s size is easy to manage.  Without pedals and brakes to worry about, they can focus on getting comfortable on a bike and ultimately learn to balance when they pick their feet up.  We have this Radio Flyer balance bike, and it’s held up well to 2 years of riding.  And my 5 year old had a much shorter learning curve on his “big boy” bike with pedals because of this balance bike.
  5. Step2 Roller Coaster – Ride-on roller coasters are always a hit with kids – from toddlers to young elementary children.  The thrill of riding down the track and beyond is too much to resist.  Use it on grass for a calmer experience, and move it to the driveway for kids to see how far they can go beyond the ramp.
  6. Large Easy Flyer Kite – This large kite is easy to launch in any kind of weather, and it’s easy to keep it flying.  Kids will love flying a kite when it’s this simple!  4.5 stars on Amazon with 1,700+ reviews!
  7. Huge Flying Hoop – Up your frisbee game with this lightweight and soft hoop.  It’s easier to catch than a normal frisbee, especially with the open middle.  And it can glide up to 100 feet!
  8. Pogo Stick – Get kids jumping outside – in place, jumping to a destination, trying to beat their best jump time, doing tricks…  Choose the Flybar version for kids 9+ and the Maverick version for kids 5-9.
  9. Fly Bike Toddler Tricycle – Toddlers will enjoy riding this tricycle without having to worry about pedals.  They can focus on balancing and steering, and it can used on concrete or grass.  Fold it up for easy transport to the park or grandma’s house.

What’s your favorite item on this outdoor kids gift guide?  What’s your child’s favorite outside toy?

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Gift Guide for the Outdoors - Toys, Games, and Skills for Outside! | Laguna Lane

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