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Halloween Activities – Fun Things to Do with Kids!

Halloween is a fun holiday with the costumes and trick-or-treating,  but it can also be a bit much for younger kids with scary decorations, difficult pumpkin carving, and frightening costumes.  I remember when our son was two years old, he would nearly cry at Home Depot when we went by the Halloween decorations area!  I rounded up six Halloween activities that make Halloween kid-friendly for kids of all ages.

Halloween Activities - Fun Things to Do and Make with Kids! | Laguna Lane

  1. Pumpkin Cloud Dough – Made from 4 ingredients you probably already have at your house, this fun sensory dough smells like fall {via ElemenOPKids.com}
  2. Mummy Pumpkins – White duct tape and googly eyes make for a pumpkin young kids can decorate themselves {via Bliss-AtHome.com}
  3. Mummy Hot Dogs – Hot dogs wrapped in strips of crescent roll – a fun and cute dinner!  {via OurOrdinaryLife.com}
  4. Drilled Pumpkins – Instead of carving a pumpkin with sharp knives, let the kids help you drill holes with a drill {via DesignLoveFest.com}
  5. Halloween Harvest Chex Mix – This Chex mix looks like Halloween with so many fall colors and would be a special treat! {via OneLittleProject.com}
  6. Halloween Bingo – Free printable bingo cards to play with one child or many, and it would be a great game for any class Halloween parties {via OneCreativeMommy.com}

What are your favorite Halloween activities for kids?  Comment on the post or reply to my email – I’d love to hear your ideas!  And if you do any of these Halloween activities, please share photos!  I absolutely love seeing reader projects that were inspired by one of my posts!

P.S. For another easy Halloween activity for kids, check out this fun painting project.

Halloween Activities for Kids - Easy Pumpkin Decorating, Halloween foods, and activities | Laguna Lane