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Create Your Own Book Drive + Free Flyer Printable!

I like finding service opportunities that my kids can get involved in.  When I heard about a local non-profit organization in need of books, I knew a book drive would be a great summer project for us.

To collect books in our neighborhood, we needed book drive flyers to tape on doors.  But I was totally surprised when I couldn’t find a basic book drive printable template anywhere online!  So a blog post was born…

Create Your Book Drive Flyers

Below is the book drive flyer I created.  To make it simple for everyone going forward, you can simply download my blank book flyer template, add your details, and print!

Book Drive Free Flyer Printable Example | Laguna Lane

One template version available for download has the “Book Drive” title.  Four flyers print on every 8.5″ x 11″ page.

Book Drive Free Flyer Printable | Laguna Lane


The other version available for download is completely blank and ready for your custom title or font!

Book Drive Free Flyer Printable | Laguna Lane


To add your details to the printable, use a free online tool to convert the PDF to JPG (photo format). worked for me, and you can convert it right there on the site – no downloads needed.  Once in JPG format, edit it in PicMonkey, PowerPoint (if you have Microsoft Office), or Google Slides (free PowerPoint alternative) to add your text.

Be sure to include details on:

  • The organization the books are for and what that organization does
  • What types of books are needed
  • When and where you’ll be collecting the books
  • Contact information to set up an alternate collection date/time (optional)

Collect the Books

The weekend before our collection date, I walked the neighborhood with my four year old son.  I placed the tape on each flyer, and he ran up to each door and taped it on.  [I wish I had a photo of this, but my hands were full!]  He also walked the neighborhood with me on the collection date and helped check each porch for books.

In addition to giving flyers to the houses right around us, I posted a modified version of my flyer on our neighborhood Facebook group page.  I had people message me their address if they wanted to donate, and I kept a running list of addresses for the collection date.  We actually ended up collecting the majority of the books this way, so don’t skip this method!  It’s an easy way to reach a broad audience if you have a neighborhood page.

Thanks to many generous neighbors, we took two loads of books to the non-profit organization!  What a blessing!  I should have counted the books, but there were at least a few hundred.  Here’s the first load of books…

Book Drive Free Flyer Printable | Laguna Lane

…and the second load of books.

Book Drive Free Flyer Printable | Laguna Lane

Deliver the Books

Here are the kids helping deliver the books to the Wesley Community Center.  I pulled a few books out of the boxes so they could be a part of carrying them into the building.

Book Drive Free Flyer Printable | Laguna Lane

Create Your Own Book Drive!

This was a pretty easy service project that the kids could participate in, and it made a big impact!  I highly recommend finding an organization in your community that could use books, whether it be a children’s center, hospital, shelter, or assistance ministry.  This list is a great starting point for the Houston area:

Have you ever collected items for a charity or non-profit in your neighborhood?  What worked for you?

P.S. For another family-friendly service idea, check out these law enforcement appreciation bags.

Book Drive Free Flyer Printable | Laguna Lane