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Get Ready for Summer with a Summer Bucket List!

My kids’ last day of preschool for the year was yesterday, so it’s officially the first day of summer for us!  I look forward to fun summer activities, but I’m the first to admit that I miss the structure of school (and the breaks it gives me!).  I often stick to familiar routines and places, so I decided to make a summer bucket list to add some variety.

Whether you have no kids, young kids, school-age children, or grown kids, I think a summer bucket list is a great idea for anyone!  I wish I had made one back in my pre-children days to motivate myself for more fun activities on the weekends!

Blank Summer Bucket List Printable

Cute designs and printables always get me motivated to start a project, and I love this free bucket list printable from  The colors and popsicle graphics make me ready to embrace summer!

Blank Summer Bucket List Printable from Yellow Bliss Road | Laguna Lane

Ready-to-Print Summer Bucket List

When creating my summer bucket list, I tried to include a variety of activities…

  • free
  • educational
  • service
  • places that involve a cost

Summer Bucket List Printable | Laguna Lane


There are 111 days in summer, and my summer bucket list has 36 items.  So if we do about 3 activities each week, we’ll cross them all off by the end of the summer.  Totally do-able!  And I have no doubt that some of the items will be on repeat throughout the summer (hello, sprinklers!).

Here’s an alternate version with just one font.

Summer Bucket List Printable | Laguna Lane


Happy Summer-ing!

My 4 year old has been asking what we’re going to do this summer and mentioning ideas of his own, so he’ll be excited to have a summer bucket list.  I’ll let the kids help choose the activities each week too, so they’ll feel ownership and have some anticipation.

Don’t forget to check items off as you go along!  At the end of the summer, it will be cool to see everything we’ve accomplished and remember all the fun times and experiences.

So the next time the kids say, “I’m bored,” you’ll know exactly where to look for ideas!

Summer Bucket List Printable | Laguna Lane

By the way, if you want to make your own typed list like mine…(1) download blank PDF from Yellow Bliss Road, (2) convert to JPG using free online sites for this, (3) add text in PicMonkey, (4) convert updated JPG back to PDF using free online sites.



Summer Bucket List Printable | Laguna Lane

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  1. Peta Kyle says:

    Yes great idea! The Houston food bank sometimes has family night and it allows younger kids and siblings. Duncan and I went once and it was great. Perhaps we can co-ordinate some activities together? Also I would like more info on the cards for nursing homes and the RAK toys at the park please. Thanks!

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