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Love and Logic Cheat Sheet

My husband and I just finished a six-week “Parenting with Love and Logic” course.  I really loved the content and want to use it consistently in our home.

For those of you who haven’t taken the course or read the book, it empowers parents to set limits for their children without having to yell, lecture, or threaten.  Love and Logic also gives you a tool set to hand problems back to your child and guide them through solving their problem.

Love and Logic Cheat Sheet Notes | Laguna Lane

With Love and Logic in place, parents are able to enjoy their children more and feel less stressed.  Children learn how to make good decisions when the stakes are low, so they are more capable and confident when the stakes are higher.  And with the Love and Logic wording, the consequences become the “bad guy” while the parents can remain the “good guys.”

Love and Logic Cheat Sheet Notes | Laguna Lane

Herein lies the problem for me.  I have the memory of a goldfish, and the one-liners and phrases are super important to make this parenting approach work.  I figured there must be a little “cheat sheet” / one-pager floating around on the internet with the phrases written out for parents.  WRONG!  I couldn’t find a single one!

So you’re in luck.  I’m motivated to memorize and implement Love and Logic, so I created a cheat sheet of my own…and I’m sharing it!  For anyone who has taken the course or read the book, please download this and paste it all over your house!  This will be hanging on our bathroom mirrors for sure!

If you’re not familiar with Love and Logic, this cheat sheet will not be enough to learn and implement it.  There are a lot of non-verbal rules that I did not include on this page, in the hopes that I would remember the general concepts.  Check out your local school district to see if they’re offering the course.  An elementary school near us offered the course for the cost of the workbook ($10) and included childcare!

[At the request of Love & Logic, the cheat sheet download has been removed.  Please see their website for available courses and materials.]

Have you had success with the Love and Logic approach?  I’d love to hear success stories for further motivation!

Love and Logic Cheat Sheet Notes | Laguna Lane

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