Fun Valentine Cards without Candy

I remember loving Valentine’s Day as a child.  It’s funny how a small thing like Valentine’s Day cards can be so exciting to kids.  I still remember the year in elementary school when I was sick and missed school on Valentine’s Day.  That was torture when I was 8 years old!

For my children’s Valentine’s Day cards this year, I wanted to include a pencil on each one.  My kids love drawing with pencils lately, and it’s a nice non-candy option!  I personally love candy-free options, since Lord knows my children don’t need any more energy (or meltdowns) than they already have!  So all of the ideas I’m sharing today are free and candy-free.

Ah-Maze-Ing Cards

My 4 year old son is very into mazes right now, so I loved this “ah-maze-ing” printable card.  Here is the example from the website.


I printed on cream and pink card stock, and I simplified a bit by omitting the pencil embellishments.  I used a utility knife to cut a slit on either side of the heart, and the pencils are from Dollar Tree – $1 for a 12 pack.  Here is my completed card.


I had my kids decorate the backs of the cards.  The Valentine stamps from Target’s Dollar Spot section (2 for $1) were a hit, and my son wrote his name on each card.  He only started writing his name a couple of weeks ago, and I was proud of him writing it 15 times in a row for these cards!


“You’ve Got the Write Stuff” Cards

For my 2 year old’s card, I went with this simple and cute “you’ve got the write stuff” printable.  Amy wrote about getting the New Kids on the Block song, “You’ve Got the Right Stuff” stuck in her head while making these, and I ended up singing it all day too!  Here’s her example:


I printed on pink card stock, used some silver washi tape I already had on hand, and voila!


Here are my daughter’s embellishments on the backs of the cards.  She loved the Hello Kitty stickers she picked out at Dollar Tree.


Teacher Gifts

Preschool teachers work hard, and I figured they could be exempt from my no-candy policy.  I wrapped up a package of chocolate truffles I nabbed on sale last month using some red wrapping paper I already had on hand.  Then I attached a card from my child to each one.


Some other ideas I loved…

Scripture Printable – What a sweet verse, and how creative to turn Valentine’s Day into another way to focus on God!


Coloring Card – This would be great for older kids – a fun and beautiful design to color!


Star Wars Card with glow stick – Another cute non-candy idea, and I know there are tons of boys who would be excited to hand out these Star Wars cards.


“Loads of Fun” card with trucks – I’ve seen these trucks at the Dollar Tree (I believe 2 per package).  This may be my son’s Valentine next year.  Trucks are his love language – ha!


What Valentine’s Day cards do you love?  Please share!

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