Organized Gift Wrapping

If you’re anything like me, gift wrapping supplies can quickly get out of control.  I use part of the walk-in closet in my game room to store all of my gift wrap goodies.  And it was getting to where I couldn’t tell what I had because everything was buried…and a pain to get out!

So I just thought I’d share a couple of organizing items I’ve used to get things back under control in that closet.  First of all, the door of the closet is a big wasted space!  I ordered an over-the-door shoe organizer from Amazon, and I love it!  I use the bottom two rows for my colored tissue papers, and the other pockets hold ribbon and gift tags.  Sadly, it doesn’t hold all of my ribbon (do I have a ribbon problem??), but the clear pockets let me quickly see most of what I have



I also love an idea I saw in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine for utilizing the door.


The other component I use is a gift wrap organizer from the Container Store.  It hangs on a rod in the closet and can be pulled out and opened up to be free standing while wrapping.  One side holds a shocking number of gift bags.


The other side holds rolls of wrapping paper.


And a mesh bag that came with it holds all of the other ribbons and embellishments that didn’t make it into the door organizer.


Unless the ribbons, gift bags, etc. I use for Christmas gift wrapping can be used year-round, they actually get stored with the Christmas decorations in the attic.  It helps reduce the clutter and makes Christmas wrapping more fun (“new” supplies!).

Happy wrapping, everyone!

Gift Wrap Collage.jpg