$3 DIY “Hello Fall” Sign

Here’s a sneak peek of this project: It costs $3, doesn’t require any fancy tools (no Cricut or Silhouette machines!), and only takes about 30 minutes of effort.  And it’s for fall, my favorite season!  Are you hooked yet?!


I had a few kid-free minutes in Target the other day, and I stumbled on this “blank canvas” of a wood sign in their Dollar Spot section.  I loved the compact size (about 10″ x 10″) and how it would fit perfectly on my height-limited mantel.  For $3, I figured I could attempt a cute fall sign, and if I failed, I’d only be out $3.












So off to Pinterest I went, looking for ideas of what to put on the sign.  I loved the look of this “hello fall” printable (KimberDawnCo blog), but I was doubtful of my freehand painting skills, even if I somehow transferred a tracing of it.


Then I came across this post (HomeTalk blog) about transferring printed images using Modge Podge.  Jackpot!


  • Wood sign (would work on a canvas too) – $3 in Target’s Dollar Spot
  • Printed mirrored image to tranfer (laser printer is best)
  • Modge Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Old towel

Step 1 – Make a mirror image of the image you want to transfer.  I did this in Google Slides (free on Google Drive – it’s their PowerPoint equivalent).  I inserted the image I saved from the KimberDawnCo blog, clicked on the middle right image adjuster (circled in red below), and dragged it over the image all the way to the equivalent spot on the other side of the slide. Or if you like this image, you can skip this step and just download my PDF!



Step 2 – Print your mirror image on a regular piece of paper and cut out around the image.  I have a laser printer, and I’ve read that it works best.


Step 3 – Cover the printed side of the cut-out with modge podge.  Make sure all of the print has a nice layer of modge podge, since that’s what will transfer the image.


Step 4 – Press down firmly to adhere the image to the wood.  I followed the advice of the HomeTalk blog, and I put my finger in a baggie to really press firmly all over the image and get rid of bubbles.  The baggie helps you not to tear the paper, since it will be wet from the Modge Podge.


Step 5 – After letting this dry overnight, I took an old wet towel and layed it over the image for a few seconds, letting the paper get wet.  Then I gently scrubbed at the paper to rub it away.  You’re only wanting to remove the first layer of paper in this step, so don’t be too aggressive.


When I finished this step…


Step 6 – Let it dry for 30 minutes or so, and then do another round of rubbing with a wet towel and/or your finger.

Here’s what mine looked like before I started the second round…


and after…!


It may not absolutely perfect, since I can see where there was Modge Podge applied versus not.  But if I don’t mention it, I doubt most people would even notice that.  And I made it, which makes me happy!


Here’s my new & improved fall mantel!  I love it!  I hope you’ll give this a try too!


Fall Sign Collage.jpg